Actual project
Start: 6/2014
End: 7/2015
Price: 31,7mil. Kč
Press news
JMA stavební has started building a training center at the company headquarters in Jihlava, Pávovská 15b Street. There will result the teaching places on the third  floor of the building equipped with the necessary instructional techniques for a perfect implementation. The newly established training center will have a capacity of 72 seats....
On 26.4. 2012, was held a formal opening of cultural monuments of a winding tower KUKLA in Oslavany that Strojírna Oslavany company realized with the support of EU and JMK grants. The project includes access to the historic mining towers for the purposes of tourism, culture and environmental education of children and youth. JMA stavební company...
JMA technology wins contract for construction of the first largest tank for storage of liquid nitrogen fertilizer DAM in the Czech Republic. This is a liquid manure storage with a capacity of 1,700 cubic meters, including drip pans and pumps for Agricultural supply and purchase company in...
Building, industrial, civil, residential construction
We focus on the realization of buildings and industrial construction in the role of general contractor, or even partial implementation of the construction process for higher supplier.

We provide residential and civil buildings as well as buildings for industry and agriculture.

Wiring system
We provide complete building electrical work:

- Constant current distribution
- Cable Systems
- Supply and installation of floor system, the busbar system
- Telephone lines, the supply of telephone exchanges, distribution of fire, intrusion, STA, including cable television and camera systems
- Card systems, sound systems, instrumentation

Real estate, property management
Rezidence Na hradě
- Construction of residential house in Třebíč, Borovina

Rezidence Boží hora
- Construction of flats and houses in Ivančice u Brna

Rental properties
We offer rental of residential premises in Ždírec Nad Doubravou and commercial space in Jihlava and Trebic.
Tanks / Silos / Halls
- Own cost-effective storage technology
- The direct production site
- 100% stainless steel environment
- Variability, minimal maintenance
- Low investment costs
- High life
JMA Biogas stations
We offer project and construction of biogas stations with own concept of tanks construction manned by the renowned German technology of biogas production.

We provide unique combination of wet and dry fermentation.

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